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RMA Return Policy

  1.           If the product has stopped working, contact support@alfadistribution.com
  2.           Send us a photo of the product destructed, serial number must be visible. Or return it to the reseller!
  3.           We will then send you a new product, or you will get a new one from our reseller direct.

To make it easy for us, always put the order number or reference to the purchase in your email to us. Add the best possible description of the tests you have done and troubleshooting. Check the following before you contact us!

  •           Re install drivers
  •           Check product on another computer
  •           Reset the product / firmware
  •           Update firmware
  •           Have the product worked from day one?
  •           Search the internet for solutions
  •           Has the product been overheated?
  •           LED diodes working?


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Please send request to  support@alfadistribution.com